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What Is MyTruth?

It took me a while to realize my divine life purpose but in the face of extreme adversity, I had to reach into my heart to dig MyTruth out.


MyTruth has opened my Third Eye about what Life is really just about: Everything is Energy. And understanding how Energy affects everything I do was the first step into taking control of my life.


I am now able to always reach my divine-self for guidance on anything I want or not in my life. I now understand how Karma works and how to get rid of unintended Karmic Energy.


I now understand how Destiny works and this definitely seals the deal for me on all the things I’ve lived throughout my whole years of existence on Earth.

Yes this planet that lends me this body temporarily so i can fulfill all the missions written in my Destiny Book. Yes Earth is well alive just like every living thing within the universe and I will collect Karmic Energy every time any of my actions or inactions negatively impact any Earthian Life Form.


MyTruth opened my eyes on the reality that everything starts and stops with me. And in order to attract what I truly want in my life, I have to work on bettering myself first, and only when I truly start my energy transformation that is when I can truly make an impact on others.


MyTruth is my intention, and for any actions, I plan to do in my life, as long as my intentions are good, I will manifest them into reality.


MyTruth is a 10-Step Self-Development E-Course that helps me understand, transform and control my energy so that my life can become everything I wish for and I am hoping it will do the same for you.

What You Need For The  Course

  • Original and Organic Soul.

  • Clean Space.

  • Oxygen.

  • Clean Body.

  • Clear and Clean Water.

  • Support from Family and Close Friends.

  • Self-Understanding of Visualization and Thinking abilities, which can be determined by asking yourself how long it would take you to reach your Imagination.

Who Needs This Course

  • Spiritual or Open-Minded Individuals.

  • Anyone struggling with Addictions.

  • Anyone with Self-Destructive traits.

  • Anyone with Phobias and Worries.

  • Anyone who is looking to personally develop themselves.

  • Anyone who enjoys using colors to express themselves.

  • Anyone with couple and relationship problems.

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